We took possession of our current shed mid-2013, and by early 2014 we as the shed’s committee come to realize that our facility very quickly going to be outgrown by all aspects of our member’s activities, so we embarked on an internal project to expand the facility by creating a larger social area, larger woodwork workshop, create a handcraft workshop and a metal workshop.

After five years of various ideas and attempts we were granted a planning permit and at building permit application time the Hume City Council stepped up in February 2019 and in collaboration with Hume Men’s Shed – Craigieburn  (HMS-C) accepted leadership role in this expansion project.

The collaboration included an undisclosed financial support by the council for the building project which supplements the moneys raised by the shed, state government building grant, plus countless lobbying for support and donations of goods and appliances by various industries.

The sheds contribution including donations to the building stage of this project is as follows:-

HMS-C cash contribution towards the buildings.$ 83136
Social area and office furniture purchased by HMS-C.$ 10000
Security system & signage.$   5000
Payments for requested building variations & additions.$     431
Total cash contribution$ 98567
State Government shed building grant.$ 25000
OH&S grant from federal government for dust extractor system.$ 12000
Health & wellbeing grant for exercise equipment federal government grant.$   3500
Total grant contribution$ 40500
Kitchen appliances, hot & cold water dispenser, sinks & taps – donated.$ 17000
Electrical wiring and circuit components – donated$   4500
Total donation contribution$ 21500
Cost relating to the preparation and obtaining Planning Permit$   8500
Total value of above contributions as of 1 August 2020$169067
The shed construction was started on the 17 June 2020 .
The expected completion date is mid December 2020.

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